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Things To Do Before Your Virtual Trade Show Exhibit

Virtual trade shows and industry conferences aren’t unheard of. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been around. While you might have the same goals in your virtual event as with your offline trade exhibit, there are some things you need to consider when planning an event that will be done solely online.

Other than the equipment and technology you’ll be using to create a better booth, here are some things you have to do before your virtual trade show to fully maximize your exhibit:


Aside from gathering leads, make sure to set clear goals and benchmarks so you’ll have a basis for whether or not your exhibit was successful. Keep your vision in mind so as not to waste your time and resources. Think of something that is both quantifiable and actionable.

Months before the event itself, make sure to brand yourself. Come up with a virtual event marketing strategy that is in line with your goals. Aside from emails and your website, go after your audience where they are. If they’re on Facebook or LinkedIn, consider setting up ads on those platforms.

Know The Audience

As with your offline trade exhibits, know whom you’re talking to and whom you’re dealing with before the event even begins. To get an understanding of what piques your audience’s interest, research on the exhibitors, the content of the event itself, and other exhibitors who will be joining you.

Understanding your audience is the key to tailoring your content. Take note that this will heavily affect how you will go about video product showcases, one-on-one conversations, and even your booth itself.

See if the virtual event platform will allow you to message or schedule meetings with prospective customers or clients during the event.

Invest In Your Booth

Keeping people at your virtual booth can be a challenge, but it’s all in how you set it up. Create an experience that will entice them to stay or keep them coming back to you for more. You can even come up with a schedule of events such as guest speaker sessions, theme-based meetups, happy hours, and, of course, your product demos.

In line with the marketing aspect of virtual trade shows, it’s a good idea to advertise those events through your social media channels.

Test Run

Schedule a test run with your booth hosts and everyone involved in the creation and management of your virtual exhibit. This is to ensure a smooth run once the actual event starts.

Look out for any pain points that you can find solutions to before the trade show.

Online trade shows and virtual events often have a different set of challenges and difficulties. At Lighthouse Exhibits, we understand that. That’s why if you need support for your upcoming events, simply give us a call and we’ll make sure that your exhibit will stand out from the crowd.

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