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Six Ideas For Generating B2B Sales Leads Without Trade Shows

As a result of COVID-19, trade shows are canceled for the foreseeable future. This leaves many B2B marketers and sales reps without access to their primary means of lead generation. To generate leads, marketers have to think outside of the box and strategize novel ways to connect with potential new customers. Here are X lead generating ideas to get you started.

1. Look To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great lead generating platform, especially when you are trying to connect with decision-makers or primarily focus on B2B sales. You can search individuals by title, company, and even the type of industry. You can research leads on LinkedIn for free, but if you want to contact people directly through the platform, you will need a pro account.

2. Talk To The Trade Show Organizer

Many trade show organizers are also working on novel ways to connect their attendees and exhibitors. Some organizers are hosting virtual trade shows, one-on-one meetings, or other digital events. They may be providing an alternative option for exhibitors to generate leads.

3. Follow The Trade Show On Social Media

Another way to generate leads is connecting with the trade show on social media. Then you can look at their followers. Usually their followers are conference attendees who you can research to find if they are any potential contacts. It’s also a great place to learn about the options they are providing to connect exhibitors and attendees.

4. Create Engaging Online Content

Content strategies are the bread and butter of B2C marketing. However, some of these tactics can be really useful in B2B marketing strategies right now. Get active on your social media accounts, build a blog, podcast, or webinar series, and ramp up your email marketing campaigns with a regular newsletter. Deploying these content strategies can really help you build your brand presence and attract new leads.

5. Consider Purchasing A Lead’s List

Marketers are finding their inbox full of lead generation companies selling lists. Though a lot of these emails belong in the junk folder, there are some legitimate lead list providers. Purchasing one of these lists can help you reduce the amount of time and money spent researching leads yourself.

6. Look At Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is one of the oldest marketing techniques and it works as well now as has for decades. There are a couple of ways to implement a referral marketing program. You can ask your best customers for referrals or offer a discount program for anyone that refers a customer to you.

These are just some of the unique ways that you can generate B2B leads while trade shows are on pause. For other ideas, make sure to check our blog at Lighthouse Exhibits. We offer a variety of tips to help you keep business running during this time.

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