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Four Tips To Help Your Sales And Marketing Team Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Trade Show

Many of the most popular trade shows and industry conferences have decided to host virtual trade shows during the COVID-19 pandemic. If this is your first time attending a virtual trade show, you may not be sure how to capitalize on the opportunity and be successful. Here are X tips to help you make the most out of your upcoming virtual exhibit.

1. Design Your Virtual Booth

Just like with a physical booth, you want your virtual booth to stand out and really represent your brand identity. Weeks before the conference is scheduled, start mapping out a design. Look into all the features they offer like HTML5, gifs, and banners. Make sure to fully take advantage of these features and design an eye-catching virtual space.

2. Set Meetings

Setting meetings with your leads is always a great idea before a trade show. Get the attendees list from the trade show host and do a little research into the most promising leads. Then reach out and schedule a time for a one on one chat. Make sure to work with the provider of the virtual conference to set up these times in the platform as needed.

3. Get The Team Involved

Virtual trade shows give you an opportunity for other members of your team that can’t normally attend. For example, your operations staff rarely gets to interface with your customers because they are busy running the daily operations of your business. Not to mention the budgetary restrictions of sending everyone on your team to a show. This is a great opportunity to finally introduce your biggest customers to some of the staff they work with routinely.

4. Create A Great Pitch

For new leads and potential customers, make sure to have a pitch developed. Build on top of your normal elevator pitch and add some great materials. With a virtual conference, you can send files in real time. So make sure to have all your brochures and marketing materials ready in a digital format. Consider sending links to videos, webinars, and other digital marketing pieces.

Once the trade show is done, circle back with your team and review your performance. Determine what were some hiccups, what worked, and what ideas you have for the next conference. At Lighthouse Exhibits we understand the new challenges faced by marketing and sales departments. We’re here to support you at your events, whether in person or digital. Give us a call if there’s anything we can do to help make your virtual trade show exhibit a success.

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