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Backdrop Ideas For Your Virtual Trade Show

In the wake of COVID-19, many event organizers have been coming up with novel ways to continue their business. One of the most common found among trade show and industry conference organizers is to host a virtual trade show for their exhibitors and attendees. Virtual trade shows are a great way to continue the existing relationships and connect with new customers. However, just as with an in person trade show or conference, you want your brand to stand out. One of the ways to do that is with an attractive backdrop that helps communicate your brand. Here are some ideas for memorable, conversation starting backdrops.

Set Up Your Booth

If you have a smaller booth like a 10 x 10 and the space in your facility, consider just setting up your whole both. Then you can coordinate with other members of your team to film the booth in real time. When people visit your virtual trade show booth, you can take them through your normal tour of your physical trade show booth. It’ll be like they are there.

Deploy A Pop-Up Banner

Pop-up banners are really affordable. Once you’ve invested in the hardware, you can easily change out the graphics. They are great for virtual trade shows because they are the perfect size for a background. When designing your pop-up banner for a virtual trade show, keep in mind how to frame it with your webcam. Do a few tests and see what the best placement is for the most visual impact.

Company Operations

If your company is still working onsite and your presence would not be too disruptive, you can use your business as a background. Find a quiet location with a great view. This will give attendees an inside look at your company. If possible, you can even give them a tour. Using your company is a great way to show attendees the operations of your company, but also communicates that with enhanced safety measures, you are still operational during this time.

These are just some ideas you can use to create a more engaging backdrop at your next virtual trade show. At Lighthouse Exhibits, we can help. If you need a simple, portable background, we’ve got you covered. If not, check out our blog for more ideas and tips on how to help your business stand out and generate leads even though you can’t attend trade shows right now

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