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Online Alternatives To Trade Shows

Don’t you just miss trade shows? It’s the human connection you make during them that’s hard to replace. While trade show events are not a viable option in the current state of the world today, don’t lose hope. There are other ways to find high-quality leads, and one of them is going virtual.

Try Email Marketing

A lot of consumers still prefer to communicate with brands through email. It’s a great medium to reach out to your leads and customers. Trade show attendees often list down their emails before an event. Use that information to create a targeted email campaign.

Step up your email marketing game by promoting one specific product or service at a time to generate repeat business from your existing consumers. This will also allow you to drive traffic to a new article or page on your website.

Go Social

Using social media is a no-brainer. With all the tools available online, it has become easier to communicate with your audience through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Maximize this time by sharpening your content plan. Look into targeted paid ads as well to capture potential leads.

Update Your Website

Have you updated your website recently, or does it feel a little outdated? If so, it’s the best time to give it an upgrade.

There are three main aspects you should check:

  1. Content

  2. Website Platform And Security

  3. Design And User-Friendliness

Check every part of your website and ask yourself if it is easy to understand the products or services you offer. Your website should be able to increase traffic and conversion, so provide content with your customers and leads in mind.

Host Online Workshops Or Webinars

With the knowledge and expertise you have on a certain topic, hosting a webinar or a workshop is an option you’d want to take.

The participants who will register for your event will most likely be high-quality leads for your business. This is because those individuals are looking for a higher level of information. They have made a commitment to hear what you have to say in your event.

Produce A Digital Trade Show Exhibit

You can always take the excitement of a trade show exhibit online. If you are in need of an exhibit with excellent quality that will showcase your products and services, we can help you with that. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to talk to one of our professionals.

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