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Making Your Online Trade Show Exhibit More Engaging

What you probably miss most about trade shows is the interaction between you and a potential customer. Nothing can beat that. However, with physical distancing measures being strictly enforced because of the COVID-19 situation, face-to-face meetings are impossible nowadays.

Because of that, we turn to virtual events instead. While that sounds new and exciting, keeping a remote audience involved is a challenge most of the time.

People will try to tune into a virtual event, but they’ll eventually lose focus and do other things such as browsing social media, checking emails, or sending a quick message to a friend until they’ve tuned out of the event entirely. There are too many distractions online, so you’ll have to fight for your audience’s attention.

It’s hard, so one of the most important things you have to do is to know who you are talking to. Identify your audience and study them well. Knowing what they need from you is the key to keeping them involved.

Ensure that the program you have created for them is filled with the information they need and, as much as possible, keep it fast-paced and straight to the point to avoid dead air. If you do so, inject some form of entertainment to have them glued to their screens.

Aside from the content you will be delivering, don’t forget that audience interaction is just as important to keep the viewers there. Q&As, polls, quizzes—give them the opportunity to communicate with you and each other in real time.

Don’t hesitate to ask them a few questions as well. This will give you more insight into the audience you are speaking with.

To add a bit of fun to your event, hold a contest or a raffle. Offer rewards and incentives to attendees who are most attentive.

Lastly, in online events, don’t underestimate production value. Don’t think of it as only a video call because it is so much more than that. Aim for a high-quality, online-friendly exhibit that allows you to flaunt your products or services. It’s time to let the world know about your business, so do it in the best way possible.

Don’t let the pandemic bring you and your business down. It’s challenging, but it’s still possible to create an unforgettable impact with an online trade show exhibit. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today for all of your trade show needs.

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