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Creating A Digital Trade Show Exhibit For Your Business

Because of the global pandemic, things have changed a lot in the business world. Today, it’s difficult to predict just what the new normal will be or what it will involve in the long run. One apparent change that has occurred is that trade shows aren’t happening now or anytime soon. The mass gathering of people in one place means that trade shows are not allowed or recommended. Luckily, you can still market your business online.

One option that’s worth thinking about is to create a digital trade show exhibit for your business and showcase yourself through video. Whether it’s a recorded video or a live, interactive stream, you have a way to deliver a trade show experience digitally.

Of course, it all begins with your exhibit. It’s important to create a strong exhibit that has the hallmarks of a traditional trade show setup but with some online considerations. Here are a couple of key tips to think about.

  • Brand – Remember that only part of your exhibit is likely to be seen. That means you need to have a strong brand presence in the right location. It should be clear, easy to see and understand, and obvious to everyone who views the video.

  • Open Strong – Most people will click off of a video within seconds if they’re not engaged. Don’t bury the lead—start strong and make sure you get the point across as to why people need to pay attention.

  • Demonstrate – Use your video to demonstrate various aspects of your business and service. See to it that you showcase the right product or service. Think about how your customers have been affected by the crisis we are all facing today, and choose the most appropriate service or product to highlight.

  • Interact – If you’re doing a live stream, read the comments as you go along and react to them. If you post a video, monitor the post and see what people are saying. Answer questions, respond to feedback, and interact with your viewers as much as possible.

These are easy options for making sure your digital efforts still lead to excellent results. You’ll need to start with a good, online-friendly exhibit that showcases your products or services while letting the world know about your business and brand. We can help with that task. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to let our team create a trade show exhibit that you can be proud of and will give you the ROI and marketing results you are looking for.

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