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Why You Need To Redesign Your Trade Show Exhibits Regularly

Trade shows give businesses and organizations one of the biggest opportunities they’ll have. The chance to interact with so many different people in one place – all of whom are interested in your industry in some way – is unmatched, and can be one of the best ways to network, make connections, and build your brand.

However, it’s not always easy to do and far too often businesses get complacent when it comes to their trade show plans. You need to do so much more than just show up, stand behind an exhibit, and assume that you’ll build contacts and leads that way. Businesses have to be proactive on a consistent basis, and it’s not always easy to know just what steps to take for that.

One thing that deserves a closer look? Your trade show exhibit. It’s very common for organizations to use the same trade show exhibit over and over again, year after year. And while that may work for a couple of years, it’s much better to redesign your trade show exhibits on a regular basis. Here’s why.

  • Branding – Sometimes, minor aspects of your brand may change. You may slightly redesign a logo or may change one of your overall slogans or mottos. Your exhibit can be enhanced and changed to show this. Even if it’s a minor change, it can make a big difference if all aspects of your business aren’t aligned properly.

  • New Products or Services – For businesses to stay truly relevant, they have to continually release new products or services to keep up with changes in their field. If you do, you’ll need to modify your exhibit design to showcase these specific new offerings.

  • Modern Trends – If you really haven’t updated your trade show exhibit design, you could just be behind the times. There’s nothing wrong with ‘vintage’ looks, of course, especially if that’s what you’re going for. But over time, sensibilities change. It’s important that you modify your exhibits in a way that will let you stay relevant.

It’s important that you modify your trade show designs and exhibits as needed, and that you don’t just ignore the need for this entirely. If you’re serious about getting the best results from your next time at the trade show, you’ll want to make sure that you redesign accordingly. We’re here to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to get started on a design that will take your business into the future.

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