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Jacqueline Hake Introduces Students To The World Of Exhibits

The exhibit industry has become one of the most unique, exciting, and interesting that you can choose to enter. By combining numerous areas of study including marketing, graphic design, construction, and more, it allows those working in the field to not only showcase their talents and creativity, but to help their clients grow as well. That’s a big part of why Jacqueline Hake is so passionate about her industry – and why she has recently begun working with students to introduce them to the field properly.

Hake, the owner of Lighthouse Exhibits, is also part of the EDPA. Recently, they teamed with the University of Illinois for a 14 week course that introduces students to the exhibit industry and what it has to offer to them.

It’s more than just a quick tour of an exhibit, however. The students are actually getting hands on experience and have been asked to design an exhibit for an electric car company that will be on display at the LA Auto Show. Hake herself created the RFP, which the students will use to create this exhibit and see just what the process is like in the real world.

Additionally, Hake continues to help those entering the field in new ways. She recently attended the University of Illinois Career Fair. There, she interviewed students who are already starting to look for an internship, and reviewed some of their work and provided feedback to help them grow as professionals in the field and ensure a strong entry into the exhibit industry.

Hake believes strongly in her industry, and has consistently been named as one of today’s leaders working within it. Her passion shows through, and she is now passing along her love of what she does to those who are still in school. By paying forward her own positive experiences, she’s working to bring new, young talent into the field and help keep the future of exhibit design and construction bright and exciting.

Of course, Jacqueline also brings that passion to her everyday work as well. That’s big part of why Lighthouse Exhibits continues to stand out in the industry. Thanks to her leadership, the company continues to grow – and perhaps has already found some of its own rising stars as well. If you need a new exhibit design or exhibit construction, her team is ready to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to learn more about how Hake and her stable of professionals can help you.

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