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A Checklist For The Perfect Exhibit

When you head to the trade show for any reason, do you have a clear plan in place to get the most bang for your buck? You may have taken all the time to invest in the right social media marketing, the best freebies to help your business stand out in the minds of participants, and even have a clear strategy for live presentations while you’re there. But everything begins with the foundation – and that foundation is your trade show exhibit.

So, it is surprising that many businesses don’t properly ensure that their trade show exhibit is everything it should be. There are numerous factors that make a trade show better, and understanding the basics is the first step for getting the absolute best results when you head to the show. Here are the main things to review regarding your exhibit.

  • Branding – Everything should be built around your brand. Whether it’s your slogan, your motto, your logo, or even just your color scheme, your brand should be recognizable and on full display throughout your trade show exhibit.

  • Message – You’ll need to have a clear focus and goal for your time at the trade show, then ensure that your exhibit design specifically delivers the right message to help you reach that goal. Without a clear focus and a clear message, your results will never be what they could be.

  • Presentation – How are the things that you’re trying to showcase presented? Are there interactive elements in your design? Is your signage clear and easy to read? Will your presenters be able to work within the exhibit to maximize your ROI? The overall structure and design of your exhibit needs to provide clear presentation for your participants.

  • Simplicity – While you want to showcase all that your business can do for participants, it’s also important. That you keep things simple and easy for them to read. Overwhelming them with too much can dilute your message and your results. It’s better to focus on a clear, simple exhibit instead of one that is so cluttered and confusing that it waters down your results.

If you find that your trade show is lacking in any of the areas above, it is time for a new trade show exhibit design. With the professionals helping you, it’s no problem at all to quickly move towards a better, more effective trade show exhibit. We can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to find out how we can help you.

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