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Get More From Your Face To Face Interactions At The Trade Show

The trade show offers tremendous potential to businesses that want to make the most of their time there. But in order to truly thrive, you have to make certain that all of the various elements are in place. While it’s true that having a great exhibit with a stunning design is important and will be the foundation of your success, the reality is that you’ll also have to focus on the actual one on one interactions that you have with participants while there.

This is incredibly important but often overlooked by businesses and their exhibitors. Each person that walks by your exhibit should be considered a potential lead, and in order to truly get the most from that lead you’ll need to interact directly with them. Doing so creates a lasting memory in their mind and helps your exhibit stand out from the hundreds of others at the show.

With that in mind, here are a few of the best ways to get the most from your face to face interactions.

  • Start by understanding that the goal is to solve a problem. Instead of just trying to make a hard sale, begin by asking the participant what it is they’re looking for or what they wish they could solve within their life or business. Then, show them how you solve that problem for them.

  • Demonstrations and interactivity help as well. Try to have products on hand that the participants can touch or see in action. Regular demonstrations from your exhibitors will showcase all of what your business can do as well.

  • The end goal here? Getting contact info. You won’t do that by just having participants walk by your exhibit. Instead, you’ll have to attract them over and then talk to them about things. From there, get their contact info. Whether it’s a social media like, an email address, or a phone number, this is how you’ll follow up and hopefully turn a lead into a conversion.

  • Don’t’ forget that the old trade show staple of giving out a freebie item with your business name and brand on display can help as well. You can use everything from a pen to a flash drive, but be sure they leave with a little something to remember your business by.

Of course, it all starts with a great trade show exhibit that draws participants to your exhibit and gets their attention immediately. That’s where we can help. If you want an exhibit design that will stand out and help you get more from your time at the show, contact Lighthouse Exhibits today.

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