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Are You Connecting With The Right People At The Trade Show?

When a business heads to the trade show, they usually have at least a couple of ideas about what they want to accomplish. But it’s easy to make simple mistakes that can hold back your results from the show, and one thing to consider is just who it is you’re interacting with.

While you’re at a trade show, you’ll have a sea of faces pass by your exhibit. Many of those people will end up stopping for a few moments to see your exhibit and hopefully talk to your exhibitors. But are they the people you need to really be interacting with? It is important that within the random people who will stop by your exhibit, that you also make sure you attract those who are more likely to connect with you and become a new partner, employee, or customer.

Luckily, some tips can help make it easier to connect with the right people while you’re at the trade show.

  • Know Your Target Demographic – If you don’t know who to target, you’ll never get the best results. You should have a good idea of who you’re targeting and why. What is your purpose at the trade show? What will you be focusing on? Who will benefit from what you’re offering? Consider these questions to ensure you know who to put forth the most energy in attracting.

  • Use Targeted Messaging Ahead of Time – If you have a good idea as to who it is that you’re targeting, consider sending out messages to them directly ahead of time. This is a good opportunity to use your mailing lists, social media connections, and more. Let those interested in your business know where to find you!

  • Have A Good Exhibit – Everything is really built off of your exhibit and its overall design. If you take the time to create a good exhibit that has strong messaging, good branding, and that will be attractive to those passing by, you’ll already have a significant head start on getting the right people to stop by your trade show. Your exhibit is the cornerstone of trade show success.

These simple steps can make it easier for you to connect with the right people in the ocean of trade show attendees. Once you do this, you’ll start to notice much better results from your time at the show. To get a great exhibit to use as your foundation, contact Lighthouse Exhibits today.

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