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Easy Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Your Trade Show Results

Getting the best possible ROI from your trade show visits is important. After all, you’ll be paying for good exhibit design, construction, and booth space when you go. That money needs to get your business some actual results, whether it’s generating effective leads, introducing your new products, or making professional connections.

Investing in good exhibit design and construction is the first step, and having a great product or service matters as well. But did you know that using social media is one of the most effective ways to get even more from your trade show experience?

Start with a good trade show exhibit with the right kind of design and branding, but then as the trade show approaches be sure that you understand the various ways you can use it to get real results that help drive up your ROI in a big way.

Before The Show

As the show approaches, start promoting yourself on social media platforms. You can post about the dates and times you’ll be there, the different things you’ll be highlighting, and even teases of surprises you’ll be unveiling.

The goal here is to build as much anticipation as you can – give them a reason to come to your exhibit. Even start sending out things like contest offers, raffle numbers, and more. This should encourage people to become a follower on social media and also to visit your exhibit once you have it ready to go.

During The Show

Once the trade show is up and running and your exhibit is set up for participants to stop by, don’t neglect your social media feed. Upload photos and videos live from the trade show floor. Showcase what’s going on and what you’re offering, and remember that small giveaways and raffles can be used to drum up more interest.

As with the pre-show social media use, the goal here is to make people interested and make them want to come and visit your exhibit while they’re at the show. Additionally, do what you can to get participants to sign up for your social media accounts – the more of them that start following you on social media or that sign up for the newsletter, the more results you’ll get from the show.

After The Show

Follow ups are a must, and after the trade show ends it’s a good idea to get back onto your social media channels and send out some thanks. Upload more videos or photos, highlight the best moments from the show, and more. Then, connect with those whose contact info you got and remind them of your exhibit and your interactions with them there.

It all starts, of course, with the right kind of exhibit. We can help give you an exhibit design that stands out and make it easier for you to get results. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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