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Good Trade Show Exhibit Design Equals Good Messaging

Few things are as beneficial to businesses and working professionals as the trade show. The opportunity to network, build a lead list, and showcase your new products or services are unmatched elsewhere and it’s important that you do all you can to get the most from your time there.

One thing that you can’t overlook is how important good trade show exhibit design is. And when it comes to truly getting the most from your experience, making sure that your trade show design also generates strong messaging is an absolute must. It’s not always easy to blend strong messaging into a good design, however. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind.

  • Branding Matters. Make sure that your design captures the brand identity of your business fully. Colors, logos, and slogans should all be on full display at your exhibit. This is the foundation on which you’ll build your entire exhibit, and it can’t be overlooked.

  • Come up with your trade show message before you head to the show. Each trade show should have a specific, singular focus that you’re trying to achieve. It may be as simple as showcasing a new product or service, or just to reinforce the ideas you’ve spent years building upon. No matter what, you should have a clear goal and a clear message in mind before the show, then incorporate that into your exhibit.

  • Signage can have a big impact, but don’t overlook how important it is to branch out from basic banners or signage. Consider digital displays, videos, and more. This way you can capture the spirit of your message and put it on display easily.

  • Don’t forget that face to face interactions still matter in a huge way. When a participant shows up at your exhibit, they shouldn’t feel like they’re being ignored or just getting a card handed to them. Your presenters need to be actively engaged with as many trade show attendees as they can in order to make certain that they impart your message on a personal level.

  • Remember also that the freebies or giveaway items you hand out should include not just branding, but messaging if possible. Providing a few freebies can help you stand out in the minds of trade show attendees, but your messaging should still be there as well.

These simple points can have a huge impact on building a stronger brand and on improving your overall success at the trade show. Keep them in mind and when you’re ready for a better exhibit, remember that we’re here to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to get the design you deserve.

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