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Master Technology For Even Better Trade Show Results

Heading to the trade show is an important step for any business professional. Few other opportunities allow you to network, generate leads, build contact lists, and more. But a surprising number of professionals don’t actually take all of the appropriate steps for a truly great trade show experience.

Maximizing your ROI is the key here, and whether you’re looking to generate leads, find new partners, or do something else entirely it is vital that you take the time to ensure you’re connecting with the right people in the right way. And one of the best things you can do to improve ROI? Use technology properly.

There are several different options for harnessing the power of technology at the trade show, whether integrated into your exhibit or in some other way. Here are some of the best options.

  • Use Social Media For Marketing – Yes, you probably already use your social media accounts to market your business. But what we’re talking about here is to actually market your time at the trade show. Announce that you’ll be there, showcase what you’ll be highlighting during your time, and more. This way you build anticipation about your stay.

  • Live Broadcast – You can also do things like Going Live on Facebook or Live Tweet to show off what you’re doing while at the show. Any of your followers who are there may swing by to see you!

  • Integrate Video – Why not use video displays to showcase some of what your business offers? It’s much more affordable than most realize to place some monitors or TVs within your exhibit design, then put videos on a loop. This can be product demos, tours of your facility, and more. Whatever you use, make sure that it builds your brand.

  • Get Connected – You can also build lists and leads through your social media and online accounts while at the show. Have participants sign up for your mailing list or follow you on social media in exchange for an entry to a contest or a special offer. This builds leads and lets you get even more online reach for your brand.

No matter what your primary goal is while at a trade show or what your business focuses on, the right use of technology can help in a big way. So can we. If you need help building or designing a better trade show exhibit, contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to get started with our professionals.

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