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Taking Your Company In A New Direction At The Trade Show

Companies grow, change, and evolve over time. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in – if you’re going to continue leading your company forward, you have to do just that: move forward. Once you develop a new service, product, or strategy, the next step will always be to introduce the world to it. And a trade show is an excellent place to do just that.

But can you do so effectively? Often, it’s easy to overlook just how important the way you approach a trade show is when it comes to leading your company in its new direction. So, whether you are introducing a new product, a new service for your clients, or even rebranding your business entirely, here are some tips to help you when you head to the trade show.

  • Focus On The New – The main thing to start with is simple: focus your efforts on the new product or service. Instead of trying to continue promoting all of your older services, consider spending at least one trade show solely focusing on the new products and services instead.

  • Consider Your Exhibit – While you’ll want to focus on promoting the new, you also need to adjust your exhibit design as well. Consider changing signage, branding, and every other aspect of your exhibit to focus on your new image and new offers. You may need to redo your entire exhibit, but the efforts will be worth it.

  • Use Social Media – Consider using social media to tease your new reveal or to promote the new items or services you’re offering. Twitter, Facebook, and other online social media accounts can give you a huge leg up in promoting the new that your company has to offer.

  • Demos Matter! – When in doubt, consider a demo! Demoing your new products or services at the trade show can really showcase your latest offerings and help attendees really see what it is you’re bringing to the world and why it’s worth their attention.

If you’ll keep these basic points in mind you should be able to effectively introduce any new product, service, or company approach and get the most from your time at the trade show. We can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to get help with exhibit design, building, and more for all of your trade show needs.

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