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How Can You Connect With The Right People At The Trade Show?

When you want to get the most from your trade show experience, there are plenty of different things to think about. One that is easy to overlook is the simple fact that you need to be able to connect with the right trade show participants while at the show. You can spend all the time in the world developing a marketing strategy and even a great presentation to use while there, but if you can’t get the right people to your exhibit, you’ll struggle to maximize your ROI.

So just how can you recognize and connect with the right people while at the trade show? With thousands of people passing through, you have to be able to spot them and attract them to your exhibit. Luckily, a few tips can help with this. Here are some of the easiest things you can do to help you connect with the right people at the show.

  • Know Your Target Audience – You can’t get the right people to your trade show if you can’t identify just who they are. Who are you looking for and what are you trying to accomplish? Do you need new sales leads? New partners and peers? What age groups are the target ones for your business? Knowing who you’re looking for is the first step.

  • Alert Them Before The Show – Use social media, email, and even physical mailers to let your potential participants know that you’ll be at the show and what you’re offering.

  • Use The Right Exhibit Design – If you don’t have the right kind of exhibit, you’ll struggle to attract the right people to your exhibit. You should showcase your brand and the products or services you’re offering. Small redesign elements are often all it takes to give your exhibit an update and help get the right kind of results from your efforts.

Making sure you connect with the right people is the key to greater trade show success. If you’re looking to improve your ROI, keep the above tips in mind. To make sure you get the best exhibit for your business, our team is here to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits for exhibit design, construction, and more.

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