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Easy Ways To Get More From The Trade Show

Heading to any trade show is an important part of any business strategy. Making sure that your business gets noticed is important, and the trade show allows you to network, generate leads, and much more. But, many business owners fail to take all of the steps they could.

If you want to really get more from your next trade show experience, here are a few things to think about. They’re easy ways to get even more ROI when you head to the trade show.

  • Redesign Your Exhibit – Think about your exhibit. Is it fresh? Exciting? Still promoting your brand? You don’t have to spend a fortune building a new exhibit from the ground up, but some slight redesign could unlock a lot of hidden potential.

  • Use Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even YouTube can all help you maximize your ROI. Use them to promote the show, tease what you’re going to do there, and more. You can even provide special offers or even contests using social media.

  • Send Pre-show Mailers – Mailing out announcements, tickets, or contest entries to all of your contact list can help let them know that you’ll be at the show. Try to make it exciting and let them know what you’ll be doing to entice them to arrive at your exhibit.

  • Collect Follow Up Info – While you’re there, you need to get info that you can use. Try to get email info, social media follows, or follow up info so once the show ends you can connect with all the participants at the show.

  • Use Demonstrations – Never underestimate just how powerful a demo can be. You can do live, in-person interviews if you want or even incorporate a video display into your exhibit that shows off what your company can do. Either way, demos matter.

These simple tips can help you get more from your time at the trade show and your investment in it, and are well worth taking a closer look at for anyone. If you need help with trade show exhibits, why not let a full service exhibit company with years of experience be there for you? Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to get the best trade show exhibit possible.

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