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Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversions After The Trade Show

The trade show. Few things offer as many opportunities to a business as heading to these meetings. And when you visit a show, you’ll be able to get everything from leads to contacts with potential partners and more. But while it feels great making those connections and interacting directly with participants, what happens when the show is over?

There’s where the true test of your time at the trade show comes in – how many of those leads turn to conversion? How many potential business partners end up becoming actual partners? It’s an important question and one worth taking a closer look at if you’re serious about getting more from your investment.

Here are a few easy ways to get more conversions from your time at the trade show.

  • Branding Matters – Your business brand matters in a big way, and if you can’t’ convey the brand while at the show then those you interact with likely won’t remember you later. Be sure your exhibit and your presentation showcase your brand.

  • Have a Clear Focus – Branding is important, but your time at the trade show likely focuses on at least a couple of goals. Are you introducing a new product? Trying to network? Know what you want to achieve so you and your team can focus on that while at the show.

  • Interact Directly – A great exhibit is the foundation you build on, but you also need direct, meaningful interactions in order to really get the most from your trade show visit. In short, you’ll want to get out there and meet participants, get their contact info, and show them what you can do.

  • Stay In Their Memories – You need to be remembered after the show. Work with your exhibitors and try to stand out in the minds of participants. Free branded giveaway items are great here, but also be sure that you really make an impact with your exhibit and presentation.

Keep these basic points in mind and you should have little trouble increasing your conversion rates and seeing a big increase in your ROI from trade shows. It may be much easier than you realize to get even more from your time there. Our team can help.

With great trade show exhibit design, construction, and planning, we’re here to make sure you get the most from the trade show. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to let us get started.

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