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Getting Great Trade Show Results While On A Tight Budget

Head to any trade show and the odds are that you’ll see several exhibits that will leave your jaw on the floor. From virtual reality systems to huge interactive displays to thousands of dollars worth of video screens, exhibits can really wow. But those exhibits are generally from major corporations that have millions to burn in advertising. What about the little guys?

The fact is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to stand out at the trade show or to get the best possible ROI from your time there. In fact, if you’re creative and consistent, you can actually generate some great trade show results while on a tight budget.

With that in mind, here are some of the main tips that can help make it easier for you to get the best ROI from the trade show without having to spend a fortune doing so.

• Be Focused – Being too fractured in your focus can not only water down your branding, but can cost you a fortune. Know what you’re wanting to really showcase and focus on that and that alone.

• Keep It Simple – A large exhibit cluttered with too much is a bad idea. Instead, go for clean, elegant looking exhibits that convey your message. They’ll also be more affordable.

Get Creative With Displays – Video displays are a huge part of many exhibits. But do you really have to go 4K on all of them? TVs and monitors are affordable today, and there’s no need to spend thousands more to get better picture quality on something that is going to be seen by passersby for a few seconds or minutes at a time.

• Wow With Your Presenters – Make sure that you have great staff on hand to present your business. Since they’re already employees, you’re only really paying travel expenses. And your presenters can make or break your tie at the show.

• Giveaway What You Can Afford – Only giveaway what you can afford. Giveaway items have often been synonymous with trade shows. But if you really make an impression and get contact info for your leads, the freebie giveaway item suddenly isn’t as important.

They say that you have to spend money in order to make money, and to some degree that’s true. But it doesn’t have to mean that you have to blow your entire budget for a quarter on one trip to a trade show. Keep the tips above in mind to get better results without spending a fortune. And when you’re ready for affordable exhibit design and exhibit construction with a fair price, don’t hesitate to turn to the pros. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to talk to our pros and see how we can help you get an exhibit that wows without breaking the bank.

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