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Maximize The Memories At Your Next Trade Show

When it comes to trade shows and the time that a company spends at one, maximizing your ROI is an absolute must. But what many don’t realize is that while you can focus all of your attention on great products and on marketing yourself to get people to show up at your exhibit, that is all for nothing if you don’t take the time to create powerful memories in the minds of participants.

In particular, you need to make sure that each person who arrives at your exhibit leaves it with a clear impression of your business and memories that will last long after they leave the trade show, otherwise, you’ll struggle to get the most value from your time there.

With that in mind, here are a few tips that can help you create a more memorable experience for attendees.

• Start with a great exhibit design. This should showcase your brand identity and your business while also presenting your new products or services. The right design is the foundation on which you build everything else.

• Get interactive with things. Have your team talk to and interact with participants instead of just standing there. Show them what you can do for them with demos and hands on interactions.

• Solve a problem. Find out what their greatest issues are and then show them how you can solve those problems with your products and services.

• Hand out freebies and do giveaways for larger items. Pens and other useful items can help, but larger giveaways can really make things stand out and keep your business in their minds.

• Try to get contact info as well. Even if they don’t fully remember you, if you have their contact info you can always follow up with them and make connections after the show ends. Use contact info to get them to enter for the giveaways mentioned above, and then follow up with them later.

There are many, many different exhibits on the floor of any trade show. Standing out is a must, and when you take the time to keep the tips above in mind it’s much more likely that you will be able to be remembered by everyone who visits you at your next show.

We can help. With great trade show exhibit design and construction, our team can make sure that you stand out long after the show is over. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to find out more about what we can do for you.

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