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Making Sure You Connect With Trade Show Attendees

The trade show is the one place that offers many different opportunities for any business. You may be able to network with peers or potential partners, connect with customers, see new tools and techniques, and showcase your new product or service – all in one place.

But in order to do so, it’s important that you do the one thing that has to be accomplished by any trade show exhibitor – connect with attendees. If you can’t forge a connection while at the show, it’s highly unlikely that the leads you create while there will turn into conversions after the show ends.

Luckily, there are a few basic steps and tips you can keep in mind which will help you make those connections and create lasting relationships with new customers. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

• Create an exhibit that showcases your business, your brand, and exactly what it is that you’re trying to introduce the world to. The right trade show exhibit will help you immediately show what it is that your business will do.

• Get personal with attendees. Find out what problems they are having and then show them how your business can help solve those problems. Be sure that your exhibitor interacts with attendees on a one on one level. This way there is a stronger, more meaningful connection forged.

• Use demonstrations, Q and A sessions, and even interactive technology to reach your attendees. This way you are going beyond just having an exhibit that is stagnant and bland. When you make things interesting and really go above and beyond, participants remember and will want to come back for more on a consistent basis.

• Gather contact info that you can use after the show. This way you have a list of emails and social media contacts that you can follow up with later on, making it much more likely that you turn leads into conversions.

If you’ll keep these basic tips in mind you should be able to give yourself the kind of trade show experience that your business deserves. It all starts with exhibit design, however, and when it comes to that we have you covered. Our pros can design and build an exhibit that will get you attention and keep you remembered after the show ends. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to learn more.

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