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Is It Time To Revamp Your Trade Show Exhibit?

Visiting a trade show is a kind of annual event – or for some businesses even a quarterly event. The bottom line is that businesses need to be able to head to a trade show and rest easy knowing that they are going to be able to make connections, build your brand, and grow your customer base in the long run.

But one big mistake that is commonly made is that each and every visit to the trade show, businesses often bring along the same old exhibit time after time. Your business grows and evolves over time – why doesn’t your trade show exhibit? While you may not have to constantly do a total revamp of your exhibit, it’s a good idea to consider making some changes and improving your design from time to time. Here are some of the main signs that it’s time to make some changes or get a totally new exhibit.

· Your Business Has Evolved – All businesses grow and evolve over time. And as your business changes, it will have new goals and new needs. As this occurs, your exhibit needs to change as well. Consider how far your business has come since the last trade show and see if your current exhibit aligns with your current needs. You may need some changes.

· You Have A New Product Or Service – One of the clearest signs that you may need to revamp your trade show exhibit is that you are now offering a new product or service to the public. Redesigning your exhibit around this new offering could be vital for making sure you get the best results from your time at the show and afterwards.

· You’re Not Getting Attention – Sometimes you may simply notice that you’re not getting the kind of attention you should be getting on the trade show floor. If it seems like participants aren’t really visiting your exhibit, it may be because it’s not keeping up with current trends.

· It Has Been A While – Finally, consider upgrading if you haven’t done so in a while. The bottom line is that if you haven’t had a major upgrade or redesign to your design, it’s probably time to make some changes or start over from scratch.

We all need to evolve and make changes over time, and changing a trade show exhibit is just as important. If you are ready to make some changes, we’re ready to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to start getting the changes you need to make a better impression the next time you go to the trade show.

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