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4 Easy Tips For Better Trade Show Exhibit Design

When you head to the trade show, it’s important that you do all you can to boost your ROI and make every minute count. That can involve a lot, including just attracting the right people to your exhibit, making the right impression, and leaving your business in the memory of all who come by the exhibit.

But at the heart of any good trade show performance is one thing - your exhibit. Without a good exhibit design, it can be difficult to get the most from your time there.

  1. Know Your Audience - If you don’t know who you really need to reach, you’ll struggle to make a big impact on your bottom line. Think about your target audience and how you need to go about reaching them, then incorporate that into the exhibit. This helps you in more ways than just the immediate, on floor impact and can help your brand be remembered after the show is over.

  2. Include Your Brand - Your business brand should be at the forefront of all your trade show efforts. This ensures that you showcase your products but also build stronger brand recognition in the minds of attendees. In doing so, you’ll be able to help expand your brand and get the best possible results from your time at the show.

  3. Keep It Clean But Effective - Clutter kills. Try to create an exhibit design that provides all the info you need to get across but without cluttering it up with too much other info. Add what is necessary but don’t go overboard. Otherwise, you could make it hard to get your point across and really make a good impression.

  4. Create A Memory - To really get the most from a trade show, you need to be able to stand out in the memories of those who see your exhibit. Use things that will forge a memory in their minds - interactive elements, one on one interactions, giveaway items, and more. This can help ensure that you get the best results possible from your time there.

Keep the four points above in mind and you should be able to boost your ROI and forge stronger connections and leads during the trade show. When you’re ready for a better exhibit, we are ready to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to get the exhibit design you deserve.

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