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The Connection Between Exhibit Design And Brand Messaging

When you head to any trade show, it’s important that you not only make direct connections with potential leads and peers, but also that you spread your brand awareness. Branding is vital in any marketing situation, and showing trade show participants just what your business is about is a must.

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to build your brand while at the trade show. It all starts with one thing – great exhibit design. And if you take the time to really invest into good exhibit design, it’s possible to showcase your business and spread the word about it in a big way. Here are some of the main connections between effective exhibit design and brand messaging.

  • Exhibit design will showcase all of the elements of your brand’s primary marketing focuses. Logos, fonts, colors, and slogans should all be prominent in the design. But, it should also showcase whatever you’re planning on highlighting at the trade show itself.

  • Memorable trade show exhibits don’t just showcase your basic brand elements, they also convey the feeling and the message that your business is trying to convey. The right exhibit will go well beyond just having a good logo in place.

  • Branding can go beyond just signage. From video displays to freebie items that you give to participants to brochures or marketing materials, your brand should be shown off in virtually every aspect of your exhibit - and your time at the trade show.

  • Brand messaging can be delivered in numerous ways at your exhibit. The right design showcases your brand without making participants feel as though they’re having it forced upon them or feeling like you’re trying too hard to connect with them. Good exhibit design spreads your brand naturally.

Exhibit design is a lot of things. It’s how you initially attract a participant to your exhibit itself, and also how you showcase your brand and stand out in the minds of those who stop by or even just pass by. The right design can have a huge impact on your ROI from any trade show.

Simply put, you can’t afford to ignore good exhibit design and what it can offer to your business. And we can help. Our experienced team of professionals can help create an exhibit design that showcases your products or services, draws in participants, and also builds up branding in a big way. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to find out more about what we can do for you.

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