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The Pre-Trade Show Checklist Everyone Needs

Before you head to the trade show, are you sure you’re really ready? Just heading down and setting up an exhibit isn’t enough if you want to get the absolute best results from your time there. Instead, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared to get the most from your appearance at the trade show.

Luckily, a simple checklist could be all it takes to help you get the right results from your next trip to the trade show. If you’re not sure that you’re ready – or you just want to make absolutely sure that you are, take a look at this list.

  • Know Your Goal – Are you trying to build brand awareness? Introduce a new product or service? Connect with potential partners? Generate leads? You should have a clear idea as to why you’re going to the show and what you want to get from it.

  • Know Your Audience – Once you know what you’re trying to accomplish, the next thing to determine is just who your audience really is. Age, gender, income, and other factors all have to be considered. Then, you will know how to focus your attention on getting those participants to visit your exhibit.

  • Develop Clear Messages – Don’t head to the trade show with a vague idea as to what you’re wanting to accomplish or how you want to do it. Come up with very clear ideas and messages about your business. Then, figure out how to deliver those messages properly.

  • Get A Great Exhibit – Without a great trade show exhibit you’ll be struggling to get the right kind of results. From trade show exhibit design to construction to presentation, you have to make sure your exhibit showcases what you need it to.

  • Promote Properly – Have you sent out alerts via email, social media, and other venues? You need to make sure that everyone knows you’ll be at the show and what you’ll be offering. Pre-show promotion is an absolute must.

  • Have Your Post-Show Plan Ready – Planning for the show is the first step. But have you also developed a plan for after the show? Will you be sending out freebie items? Will you have a way to contact those that you connected with during the trade show? Have a plan for following up so you can turn leads into conversions.

If you’ll keep these simple tips in mind you should have no trouble getting the best results possible from your next visit to the trade show. When you’re ready for better trade show exhibit design and construction, our team is here and ready to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to get the results you deserve.

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