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Lighthouse Exhibits Jacqueline Hake Has Been Named EDPA Midwest Chapter President

Trade shows have been a huge part of the business world for decades. Few opportunities can compare to what trade shows offer – the chance to network with peers, customers, clients, and more.

Few things are more integral to a business’ success when at a trade show than their exhibit. Their trade show exhibit design must be of the highest level or else the business won’t stand out and get noticed by attendees. As such, it’s important that business leaders work alongside professional exhibit designers to help ensure that they get noticed when at the trade shows.

There’s no question that exhibit design has been and will continue to be a driving force behind numerous industries since trade shows directly impact many fields of business. And here at Lighthouse Exhibits, we are proud to announce that our own Jacqueline Hake has been named as one of the leaders in the field of exhibit design.

Specifically, Jacqueline has been named the EDPA Midwest Chapter President for the 2019 year. The Experiential Designer Producers Association is a non-profit group that was formed to advance the interests of members engaged in exhibit design, production, and service.

The EDPA works to help promote advocacy, communication, education, and professionalism in the field of exhibit design, and we know that Jacqueline is a perfect fit. She has already worked tirelessly in the field for us, serving as the President and Creative director of Lighthouse Exhibits. Now, she is able to bring her skills and experience to this nonprofit organization and help enhance our field in exciting ways.

Over the last several years, Jacqueline has taken part in numerous events ranging from their own trade show appearances to things like the 2014 Design Challenge, where concepts were introduced and awarded scholarships to young students wanting to enter the world of exhibit design.

Every year, thousands of trade shows and events are held in the Midwest region, and Hake now has an opportunity to help ensure that the future is even brighter for businesses looking to arrive with their best designs on display. It’s an exciting opportunity for her, and here at Lighthouse Exhibits, we couldn’t be prouder in knowing that one of the true leaders in the industry is taking on an even more hands-on role by becoming a leader of a nonprofit organization that we have respected and worked alongside for years.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your trade show exhibit, Lighthouse Exhibit is here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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