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Integrating Video Into Your Trade Show Displays

It’s no secret that the trade show floor can be busy and hectic. Standing out is something that all exhibitors strive to do, but with so many other booths on the floor, it’s not always easy to know what to do. Often, the difference between attracting attendees and standing empty for much of the day lies in your exhibit design. And there is no better way to liven up an exhibit than to integrate some video into it.

Using video displays in your exhibit offers numerous benefits:

  • Shows that your business is professional and believes in the use of technology

  • Adds a level of fun and excitement to the exhibit

  • Can draw the eye of passersby, getting them to notice your exhibit

  • Showcases products or brands easily

  • Video can be changed as needed

That last point is well worth remembering. With traditional trade show exhibits, you’ll end up having to change signage periodically as your business rolls out new products or services. But with video elements in your display, you can actually change the video to showcase whatever new product you’re highlighting during the show. It makes it much easier to evolve your exhibit as your company grows and changes.

It’s also important that when you use video, that you make sure you’re building your company brand. Depending on how many video displays you have, you may want to consider using multiple videos – one that just showcases the brand, one that shows off your latest product, and so on. Whenever you do create a video, be sure to include relevant contact info – website address or social media account names. This ensures that those watching the video are aware of how to reach you.

Another key thing to keep in mind concerning video is that you need to make sure that it’s just one element in the total package. You can’t rely solely on your videos to get the best results from the trade show. Instead, use them as part of your exhibit and combine them with face to face interactions, freebie handouts, product displays and demos, and more. There is no one single element to your exhibit that will make it amazing – all of the parts combine to create a better exhibit.

And when you’re ready to get the right kind of trade show exhibit for your business, our team is ready to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to get a better trade show experience.

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