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Embrace Technology For Your Next Trade Show

There's no question that technology has truly changed the world - and it's going to continue to do so. But while things like medicine and communications are obviously impacted by technological advances, many businesses don't fully realize just how much technology can impact their time at a trade show. In fact, if you embrace technology completely, you may be surprised by just how much better your experience and your outcome from it will be.

If you're not convinced, just take a look at some of the easiest ways to embrace technology and what it can do for you and your business. You may see that it's even easier than you thought to get amazing results from the show.

  • Social Media - This is the easiest way to use technology to get more from your trade show experience, but it's still often overlooked. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram can all be used to announce to your followers that you'll be present for the trade show. But what about using those social media accounts to drive them to your exhibit? Free giveaways, raffle entries through social media, and discount codes are all great ideas. And wherever possible, get your participants to sign up at your exhibit with their social media accounts. Then you'll have a huge number of leads to connect back to after the show.

  • Your Exhibit - Screens, audio, and more can all help you draw a crowd to your exhibit. Good exhibit design will obviously begin just with your overall structure and presentation, but you can get much more from it by using technological elements. It shows professionalism as well as piquing their interest and getting them to come over and see what you have to offer.

  • Interactive Presentation - Going even further than just drawing in people with your exhibit and some tech, what about interactive presentations? VR has fully arrived and can let you give customers wild demos or walkthroughs of your business. Or, you can use videos and audio to showcase what your business really does.

These three simple ways to embrace technology are easier and more affordable than you probably realize. Using them during your next trade show visit could bring you tremendous success. And if you need a great exhibit design to make sure you're standing out, we're here to help give you a perfect solution. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits for design and construction that can bring your trade show exhibit to life.

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