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Building And Benefiting From Trade Show Leads

When you make an appearance at a trade show, what are your goals? It's likely that you'll be working towards getting leads that you can follow up on later and turn into sales. While connecting with peers and building a strong network is important as well, those leads will often have a huge impact on what kind of overall ROI you get from your trade show time.

But how do you go about building stronger trade show leads and then making sure that they end up being conversions? Here are a few tips.

  • Use a Great Display - Your trade show display should do a lot of things. It should showcase whatever product or service you're hoping to highlight over the upcoming quarter, but it should also spread awareness and brand identity in a big way. Your exhibit is the first thing people will see and will be vital for attracting them to you. It will also stand out in their memory after they leave.

  • Get Personal - A key part of building strong leads is to make a personal connection to those who visit your exhibit. Don't just talk to them - show them what you can do for them and get to know them a bit. Those direct connections will have a huge impact on how they remember you.

  • Get Some Info - Whether it's a follow or like on social media or an email address, be sure to get some info that you can use to connect with the participant after they leave the trade show. And don't hesitate to give them something to remember you by, either - freebies, brochures, your own contact info, and more.

  • Follow Up - After the show is over it will be time to convert those leads into sales. Follow up with everyone you encountered if possible, using their contact info or their social media platform to connect and make the sale.

If you'll keep these simple steps in mind you should be able to create leads while at the show that will turn into conversions later on. And it all starts with a great trade show exhibit. We can help design and build you a display that will get results and be the foundation for better ROI at your next trade show. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to get started!

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