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When Is It Time To Update Your Exhibit?

Investing in a great trade show exhibit is important for any business. After all, the right exhibit design will have a huge impact on how your time at the trade show goes and what kind of success you get from it. But over time, that flashy, cool exhibit may need some updating. Is it time to give your exhibit a facelift? It's not always an easy question to answer, but a few things can help make it clear that it is worth considering.

Your Brand Changes 

A huge part of your time at a trade show will be on building your brand recognition and spreading the word about your company. As such, if your company's brand changes in any way, it will be a must to update and change your exhibit as well. Whether it's a change to your logo, your motto, or even your overall approach to business, you'll want your exhibit to reflect this.

You Launch A New Major Campaign 

If your company launches a new campaign, a new product, or a new service, you'll need to make changes to your exhibit to showcase this. This is especially true whenever you're rolling out new products or services since you'll be focusing on spreading awareness about that new item. But sometimes companies simply create new marketing campaigns, and your exhibit needs to align itself with whatever goals and strategies that new campaign has in place. Luckily, most smart business leaders will have trade show exhibit upgrades factored right into their budget.

It Feels Too Dated 

Sometimes, your trade show exhibit tells you that it's time for some updates. A dated trade show exhibit could be lacking the modern touches that make other presentations look great - multimedia components, new ad copy, and so on. Simply put, if your trade show exhibit looks old and out of date, you're probably not the only one who thinks that.

Budgetary Changes 

You'll also need to scale your exhibit to fit your budget. Some reasons that you may need to change things include:

  • Your business has grown and you can afford more components and features

  • You're reducing budget expenses for a year and need to reduce weight and labor costs on setup and delivery

  • You're ready to connect with your audience by investing more into your trade show appearance

No matter what the situation may be, exhibit re-designs are important and can help you grow and evolve your business in meaningful ways. If you're ready to get a great budget design, we are ready to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to give your trade show exhibit the facelift it deserves.

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