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Crafting A Trade Show Exhibit Millennials Will Connect With

There is a lot to consider whenever you head to a trade show. One key thing to think about is just what demographic you're targeting with your exhibit and your business. Millennials may get overlooked by some businesses, but they shouldn't. In fact, they make up an impressive 35% of the labor force.

These younger consumers and employees are a powerful force in the market, and they can have a big impact on your success or failure at the trade show as well. With that in mind, does your trade show exhibit attract millennials or ignore them? Here are some things that can attract and impress millennials in a big way.

Give Them Options 

Millennials like flexibility and variety. If you design an exhibit so that they can move around and even in and out of the booth, you'll engage them more effectively. Demonstrations running in several places at your exhibit can also help them connect with various elements depending on what they are interested in. In short, try to create a few elements within your exhibit and use each of them to draw in millennials.

Use Technology

This one should be obvious. Millennials love technology and have become accustomed to it as part of their daily experience. As such, integrating technology into a trade show exhibit will help you strategically connect with millennial trade show attendees.

Get Intimate

Millennials also appreciate it when you use techniques that bring intimacy and direct contact to the exhibit. Try to use warmer colors and materials if possible, and use demonstrations that are inclusive and that allow for direct participation. Also, dial down lighting to help make the booth feel more intimate. And use elements that let you interact one on one with your attendees to make sure you build a stronger relationship and are able to connect with them.

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line here is simple - if you take a little time to create a stunning trade show exhibit that has elements millennials will love, you will build up your ROI significantly. Millennials are a huge part of the workforce, and will have a strong presence at the trade shows. If you're ready to target millennials and get more from your trade show exhibit, we can make it easier. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today go create an exhibit that will make a difference!

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