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Why Face To Face Interactions Matter So Much

Heading out to the trade show, it's easy to feel like your exhibit and your freebies are all you'll need to really stand out. But that's not entirely accurate, and the truth is that in order to really get the best return on investment from your time at a trade show, you have to focus on something else - the face to face interactions your exhibitors have with their guests.

These are the moments that matter - they can quite literally mean the difference between true trade show success and trade show failure. If you're not convinced that they're a vital part of your time at a trade show, here are some key things to think about.

  • Showcase - While a great trade show exhibit will certainly help make it easier to attract people to your exhibit, it's the interactions that make a big difference in showing off your products or services. Here's where you get to really demonstrate what makes your business so great, and it's only really possible when you use the time to interact with visitors properly.

  • Memories - Here's another area that a great exhibit can help, but direct interactions will make a bigger difference than anything. When your guests get direct, one on one interaction from your exhibitors, they're more likely to remember your exhibit and thus, be more likely to trust in your business later.

  • Follow Up - Following up with anyone you meet at the trade show is important, too. But it's not easy if you don't engage with your attendees. As such, you'll want to be sure that you use your one on one interactions to get contact information you can use to follow up with your contacts later. This can be the difference between a lead and a sale.

These are just a few examples of why face to face interactions are so important while you're at the trade show. If you take the time to make sure that your exhibitors are engaging with attendees properly, you'll notice better results and get more from your money and your time. However, it all starts with a great exhibit, and we can help you with design and construction that gets the best results. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to learn more about what we can do for you and to get the best exhibit possible.

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