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Be Remembered After The Trade Show Ends

There's no question that a huge part of trade show success means being able to effectively attract attendees to your exhibit. But what happens after they leave and the trade show closes down for the year? In order to be able to really stand out and get maximum ROI from your time at the trade show means that you have to be remembered after the show is over.

There's no easy way to achieve this, but there are a few tips that can certainly help you stand out in the minds of attendees and be remembered long after the trade show ends. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

  • Effective Exhibit Design - Your exhibit design is the foundation on which your entire trade show presence is built. You'll need to be sure to include solid branding and use elements that will get the attention of attendees as well as stand out in their mind after words. Make sure to use the right exhibit design - it will pay off in a big way.

  • Interactive Elements - Every trade show exhibit will have a simple sign and a few basic elements that are similar to all the other exhibits there. But what if you have something that really pops? Things like videos, interactive games, and even a VR element could all have a big impact on your success. If you get your attendees involved, you'll be able to stand out in their minds - they took part in your exhibit, and that will be remembered.

  • Talk to Them - Why don't you get involved directly with them? Your exhibitors can talk to, ask questions of, and directly assist your attendees. By doing so, you'll be able to show them the different ways that your business can help them and forge a more personal relationship with them in the process.

  • Connect - Whether it's a follow on Twitter from them or their email contact info, if you have a way to follow up with your attendees after they leave, you'll be able to get maximum ROI from your interactions with them. Always do your best to interact with each attendee and encourage them to give you a way to interact with them.

The bottom line here is simple - if you put forth a little effort to really stand out in the minds of attendees, you'll get a much greater ROI. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to find out how our exhibit design can help you create a lasting impression on all attendees.

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