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Easy Tips To Maximize Your Exposure At Your Next Trade Show

For decades, the trade show has been one of the most integral aspects of operating a business and driving it forward to success. Trade shows let you network, build relationships with potential partners and clients, reach new customers, showcase new products or services, and generally help build your brand even further.

But what is most important is that you take steps to maximize your exposure when you head to the trade show. After all, you aren't going to have the only exhibit at the show and making sure that you stand out is important. You'll need to do all that you can to get people to visit your exhibit and to remember you when they leave.

Luckily, it's not as difficult to do as you might think. There are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind which will help you get the best exposure at the next trade show you visit. Here are some of the best ones.

  • •Use Social Media - Social media has proven time and time again to be an effective tool at many different things, and trade shows are no exception. You can use announcements via social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to let clients or potential partners know that you'll be at the show and what you're showcasing.

  • •Mailers - Printed mailers are another great option and one that can help your participants find you. You can even include coupons or giveaway drawing vouchers on the printed mailers to help entice them to visit your exhibit.

  • •Smart Exhibit Design - Above anything else, your exhibit design needs to be excellent in order to really stand out at the trade show. You need an exhibit that pulls people in while also highlighting your brand and your overall message. Without a good exhibit, everything else will fall apart at the show.

  • •Demos - Demonstrations of your products or interactive conversations with participants is important as well. Nobody remembers or even approaches the exhibit with a presenter who is just sitting down in the corner, playing on their phone. Instead, make sure your presenters are out there showing visitors what you have to offer.

The bottom line is that it's much easier to stand out and get attention at the trade show than you might think. We can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits for assistance with your exhibit design and construction so you can rest easy knowing your next trade show visit will be a great one.

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