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Maximize The Results Of Every Trade Show Face To Face

When you begin planning out your visit to a trade show, it's easy to get distracted by all the variables that can occur. You'll not only need to stand out, but you'll also have to make sure that you're remembered after the visitors leave your exhibit. Great trade show displays are important, and designing them should be one of your first steps.

But great exhibit design is only the first part of it. You also need to make certain that every interaction your exhibitor has with a visitor will lead to better brand awareness and will stand out in their minds after they leave the trade show. How do you do this? It really comes down to making sure that those face to face moments matter. Here are some tips that can help.

  • Connect Meaningfully - When possible, your exhibitor should be able to directly connect with as many guests as possible. Ask questions and see what they're looking for, then show them how your business can solve their problems for them.

  • Give Them Something - Freebies are great promotional tools, and something that is useful to a guest will make a huge difference on their ability to remember your business after they leave the trade show - and could even reach other people as well.

  • Get Something As Well - If you can get any kind of contact info, it will help dramatically. Email addresses are perfect since you can use them to follow up after the trade show is over, and can create a connection that will lead to increased success from the trade show.

  • Use Your Exhibit - Incorporating brand identity and interactive elements to your exhibit could be the key to taking a visitor's experience even further. Good exhibit design can be the key to getting the most from your encounters at a trade show, and can't be overlooked.

  • Create Memories - Your exhibit design may draw people in, but it's what your exhibitor does that will really create a memory. Things like direct interaction, showing products in action, answering questions, and more can all help in a huge way. Your exhibitor should always remember that they're a representative of your company.

Remember, even in today's internet age, face to face meetings at the trade show are vital for getting the best results from your efforts. Keep the tips above in mind, and contact Lighthouse Exhibits to get the best exhibit design and construction possible

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