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Improve Your Brand Recognition With Effective Trade Show Exhibit Design

The trade show is one of the best opportunities a business can have to connect with new customers or business partners, grow their potential future, and spread their brand recognition. However, it's not always easy to do. There are hundreds of other exhibitors on the trade show floor, and standing out and improving your overall brand awareness in the process.

So how do you really spread your brand? It all starts with a great trade show exhibit design. If you plan properly and design and construct the exhibit your business deserves, you'll spread brand awareness and likely see a big growth in your bottom line thanks to your trade show appearance.

With that in mind, here are some of the key elements to have in place in your exhibit design. They'll have a huge impact on your trade show exhibit.

  • • Basic Design Elements - Exhibit design needs to incorporate all of the elements of your brand. Your logo, company colors, brand messaging, and other factors should all be prominently displayed.

  • • Multimedia - Multimedia elements including things like video screens, audio presentations, and even virtual reality can be used to help engage with visitors and showcase your company's offerings.

  • • Signups - When possible, collect email contact info from visitors. This way you can continue to engage and interact with them after the trade show and for months to come, building brand awareness in the process.

  • •Face to Face -The face to face interactions of your exhibit staff and those who visit will be instrumental in creating brand awareness. Be sure that your staff connect with the right people and that they leave an impression on them.

  • •Takeaways - Nobody should leave an exhibit without having a strong impression of your company. Not only will your exhibit design impact this, but things like free promotional items or giveaway prizes can help as well. The key is making sure that your exhibit - and your company - is remembered after the trade show ends.

Each of these elements can blend together to create a solid, effective trade show exhibit design that not only builds brand awareness, but that helps your company stand out in the minds of everyone who visits it. Our team can help design and construct the perfect exhibit for you and ensure that you make the kind of impression your business deserves. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to find out more and to let us get started.

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