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Ensure That You Are Remembered After The Trade Show Ends

A trade show has long been one of the best ways for modern businesses to connect with potential partners, customers, and clients. But one of the biggest challenges is actually making sure that those you interact with remember you after the trade show ends. There will obviously be a lot of competition on the floor, and standing out in the minds of your visitors is key for getting results from the show.

Luckily, it's not as difficult to do as you may think. Here are some basic tips that can make it easier to be remembered days and weeks after the show concludes.

  • •Know Your Brand And Your Message - It's surprising just how many trade show presenters don't know just what kind of message they want to convey at the trade show. Sure, you may know your logo and your overall brand identity. But what are you trying to do at the show? What problem are you solving for people? What are you offering? Know your message and make sure you understand it clearly.

  • •Use Effective Exhibit Design - Your exhibit should be more than just a few tables. Instead, you need a display that really stands out. Good exhibit design showcases strong graphic design, elements of your company's overall brand, and then also shows visitors just what you're offering. It can also incorporate modern elements like video screens and sound, but at its heart your exhibit needs to build brand awareness and identity.

  • • Have The Right Team On Hand - Your exhibit needs to be staffed with people who are going to help build your brand. Face to face meetings and interactions with those at the show will be instrumental not only in conveying your message, but in making sure that they remember you after they leave.

  • • Give Them Takeaways - Think about using free promotional items like keychains, pens, or something more creative. This helps ensure your brand is remembered after they leave since they'll have an item that calls their mind back to the experience they had at your exhibit.

With this in mind, you should be able to create an experience for your visitors that will help them remember you and help build your brand identity in a significant way. Our team can help, too. We offer professional trade show exhibit design and construction, and will listen to your goals and create an exhibit that gives you the best results at your next trade show. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to learn more.

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