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Making Brands Memorable At The Trade Show

Trade shows are one of the most important aspects of marketing and connectivity for businesses today. Whether you're trying to reach new customers or hoping to forge business connections that will help your company grow, a trade show can help.

However, in order to really succeed, you'll have to stand out. There can be hundreds of other businesses at the show, and an exhibitor must create a display that will help their brand be remembered after the trade show is over.

We know this isn't easy to do, but a few tips can help. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can remember when designing and building exhibits.

• Good Design Matters - Graphic design alone is enough to have a huge impact on the way that your exhibit is seen and the impression it makes. But a total, overall exhibit design matters as well. Think about your brand and what you need to showcase. Things like logos, colors, and overall brand identity need to all be on full display in your exhibit.

• What Message Do You Have? - What's the overall message of your exhibit, and does it match with your brand? Think about the problem your products or services solve, or about what makes you stand out. Then, ensure that it's what is front and center in your exhibit design.

• Embrace Technology - Are you using all the tools available to exhibitors today? While things like professional graphic design are the first steps, custom exhibits can incorporate everything from scannable URL links to virtual reality demonstrations to social media features and beyond. Try to get creative with your exhibits, and don't overlook technology. You'll still want to stay focused on branding, but using technology to do so could be the key to being remembered after the trade show is over.

These are just three ideas that can help you be remembered after the trade show ends. The key is simple - connect good exhibit design with a strong brand identity and unified message. If you can do that, you'll be able to stay in the minds of those who attend the show and see your exhibit.

If you're ready to take your exhibit to the next level, contacting the professionals can help. With full service options ready for you, we can help with exhibit design, construction, and more. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to get connected to a design professional and start creating an exhibit that will stand out in a big way.

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