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Little Things That Can Bring Big Trade Show Exposure

When most businesses start planning their trade show presence, they think of the big points that will impact their time there the most - things like overall brand awareness, their exhibit design, graphic design elements, and so on.

But there are numerous smaller things that you can pay attention to when heading to the trade show which will have a huge impact on your exposure. You only have a limited time and limited space, and with hundreds of others on the floor it is vital that you stand out, attract the most potential visitors, and leave the best possible impact on them. And sometimes, the little things really matter.

With that in mind, here's a look at a few smaller points to think about for your next trade show. They could maximize your exposure with just a few simple steps.

• Social Media - Announcing your presence at the trade show via social media will help, but you can also make posts talking about your location on the floor, any special events you're using at the show, and more. Social media makes it easy to get the word out about your trade show exhibit.

• Pre-Show Mailers - Digital technology can obviously make it easier to connect with your potential customers, but sometimes the old-school methods work as well. Using mailers before the show can help ensure that attendees know you'll be there and where you are. And, you can also use those mailers as a special offer

• Contests And Freebies - Another great way to really get exposure is to use contests and freebies to attract people to your exhibit. You can incorporate social media and pre-show mailers into this, announcing your contests or using the mailers as the entry ticket into a drawing or contest.

• Multimedia - This isn't quite as little as the others above, but you can also incorporate multimedia like music or video into the exhibit to help attract trade show visitors to your exhibit. In a crowded trade show floor, it's one of the best ways to get the attention of those who didn’t receive mailers or social media messages.

Combining these little things with a solid trade show exhibit and a good, consistent message will help you attract more visitors to your trade show exhibit and help create a lasting impression in their mind. For help with creating the best trade show exhibit, contact Lighthouse Exhibits today.

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