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What to Avoid when Trying to Build Relationships at Trade Shows

There are many blogs and articles out there that tell a business what they should do when it comes to participating in a trade show to market and advertise their business. However, there are also things that should be avoided if you wish to build lasting and solid relationships.

Do Not Appear Bored or Uninterested

If you do not look like you want to be there, then what makes the potential leads want to stop? If they don’t feel that you look like you are excited to be there or want to engage in conversation, then they are going to pass right by the booth without second thoughts.

Do not wait for people to approach you, do not sit in the back of the booth. Be proactive and politely firm and aggressive. Show them that you are excited about what your business has to offer.

Listen to what potential leads are saying and offer your business card. Ask for theirs in return and jot a few notes on the back so when you follow up with them after the show, you can easily remember who you were talking to and what the critical components of the conversation were.

Don’t Make Excuses

Life isn’t perfect, and things do go wrong on occasion. The best thing to do when something happens is to hit it head on and do not waste time coming up with excuses or passing the blame to someone else. Instead, interact with people on your team and encourage solutions to problems. Keep the environment positive and remain focused on the goal your business has set.

Hiring Salespeople

When you are hiring the salespeople and staff to help the business at the trade show, be sure that you are firm when it comes to what is expected of them and how they should appear to others.

They should not appear dirty, unwashed, or unkempt. A professional and clean appearance is vital to a person’s success at a trade show; you want to be approachable.

Never speak poorly about competitors and keep your attention focused on the task at hand. You are there to market and spread the word about your business; you are not there to socialize within your own staff rankings. Do not let people pass by the booth because you are having an unrelated conversation with a fellow salesperson at the booth.

Lead generation, awareness, and publicity are great at a trade show and provide the engagement and interaction with your target audience that you need to watch your business thrive and succeed.

If you require help with any aspect of your next trade show experience, then Lighthouse Exhibits, Inc. offers many services to make the event memorable and less stressful.

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