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The Importance of Marketing to Millenials

Millennials comprise a clear majority of the population and are entering the workforce with diligence, motivation, and support. Millennials are easier to reach than other demographics and can become the most loyal clients to any business as long as the business proves to be trustworthy and have the clients’ best interests in mind.

It is important for Millennials to form close relationships with brands they are interested in, which means creating a memorable experience for them at the next trade show is essential to gaining their business and support.

Social Media

Millennials are digital natives and have grown up with innovation and technology as their language and the cornerstone of their lifestyle; therefore it is important to implement a social media strategy when it comes to marketing, advertising, and connecting with this demographic.

Millennials thrive on the support of their peers and often share information that they find to be valuable and reliable. The biggest form of free publicity is when a company engages and interacts with this generation via social media sites. The information gets shared, stories go viral, the company gets media coverage and the chance to expand their business.

Well-Designed Booth

Interactive displays are great to attract people to the booth at a trade show. Even including something as simple as a prize wheel can get their attention and earn a chance to get them to talk to you and learn more. Engaging in conversation is important and following up with new information after the trade show is just as essential.

Involve technology at the booth. Project graphics and information onto screens and have a tablet available for them to fill out a digital form with their contact information.

Nurture and Grow Relationships

Millennials fall into the 18-34-year-old age group. For the chance to gain great millennial engagement, incorporate a personal story into the conversation when speaking to them. Millennials are extremely social beings that want to make a positive impact on culture and society. They are looking to create a brighter future while maintaining relationships with their peers. Adding a personal story gives them a chance to relate to you and your company on a different level.

With so many people entering the workforce, it is important to harbor real relationships and connections and follow up on these new leads. Interaction, engagement, honesty and a straightforward attitude are all essential to attract and keep this very loyal generation.

At Lighthouse Exhibits Inc, we are happy to help put you on the right path toward success when it comes to your next event.

Contact Lighthouse Exhibits, Inc today to gain the added support and management needed for your next trade show.

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