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Five Guaranteed Ways To Attract Millennials To Your Exhibit

There are now more than 50 million Millennials in the workforce, making them a key demographic to engage at trade shows. Millennials have some unique generational characteristics and require a different marketing approach than Boomers and Gen Xers. Here are some key points to consider adding to your tradeshow exhibit that will better attract and engage millennials.

1. Incorporate Technology

Millennials are the most tech-savvy generation in history. They expect instant access to information. Consider highlighting technology in your exhibit by incorporating digital marketing materials like high-tech interactive product demos. There is no need to be particularly tech-savvy., Offering a charging station or free wifi to Millennials and anyone for that matter, will help drive participants to your exhibit space.

2. Make It Shareable

Millennials also live on social media and are obsessed with instant communication. When they find something unique and novel, they want to be the first to share it with everyone they know. Whatever information you provide, make sure they can instantly send it to their network with their smartphones. Also, give them opportunities to take lots of pictures and videos. Millennials’ sharing habits present a great opportunity to advertise your services and products to an entire network for free.

3. Hands-On Fun

Even though Millennials live online, they love any opportunity to engage with hands-on fun. Offer brand experiences such as games, creative exercises, or live polls instead of only offering traditional presentations and info sheets.

4. Teach About Your Product

Millennials also highly distrust advertisements since they have spent their whole lives inundated. If you want to truly engage Millennials, teach them about the features and use of your product and services instead. Don’t worry about direct selling, simply offer a bit of education and be available for any questions. Good products sell themselves to Millennials.

5. Focus On Design

Millennials love good design work. They love anything bold and eye-catching, but they also like things to be sleek and sophisticated. Thus when putting together your booth and marketing materials, really take the time to create beautiful and functional graphics.

Millennials are a unique generation, but their needs are very straightforward. If you are looking for a stand out booth that will attract and engage Millennials, contact Lighthouse Exhibits. We can help you design a booth that Millennials will love and also perfectly represent your brand so you can be sure to attract this younger generation at your next trade show.

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