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Top 5 Tips For Better Trade Show Results

Trade shows are an important part of business strategy for any company involved in an industry that organizes focused expositions. Showcasing your products, services, and brand is important, and the trade show allows for better B2B networking as well as direct marketing to consumers, potential partners, and more.

With hundreds of other exhibits on the trade show floor, how do you go about standing out and being remembered? There are several things that can help. Here are five of the top tips to keep in mind.

  • Have A Plan – Have a clear goal and idea as to what you want to showcase and accomplish at the trade show. Don’t go in with a scattershot exhibit or presentation – focus on what is most exciting or most important with your business. After all, most attendees are looking for the latest greatest.

  • Branding Matters – Throughout your exhibit, be sure to use branding wherever possible. From your color scheme to the implementation of colors and logos, you want to make sure that your brand identity grows while at the show. Focus on the message of your company and that particular exhibit.

  • Harness Social Media – Using social media effectively is one of the keys to modern trade show success. It can be used before the show to build anticipation and interest, during the show to attract more participants to your exhibit, and afterwards to connect with those you met during the show. All in all, it’s something no business should ignore.

  • Use Technology – While you shouldn’t rely solely on technology to get your point across, using stimuli like sound, video, and even games could help draw people to the exhibit and keep their attention, helping you stand out in a more effective way.

  • Get Personal – Face to face interactions are the make or break moment at the trade show. You want to engage directly with participants, and get a little personal with them. Learn names, find out what they’re looking for, and show what your company does that will matter to them.

If you’ll keep these five tips in mind, it’s possible to grow your trade show presence and get the kind of results that you really deserve. It’s easier than you might realize, but it all starts with the right exhibit. We can help with that, and can provide trade show exhibit design and creation that will ensure your next show is one of your best. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits now to learn more about what we can do for you.

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