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Simple Tips For Better Face To Face Trade Show Interactions

Few things can impact B2B relations, the attraction of new clients, partners, and customers as much as a successful trade show exhibit. It’s where you show off your best, build your brand, and showcase your future plans.

There are many different elements that comprise a good trade show presence. While your exhibit, the branding, and the overall message are important, it’s also vital that you pay attention to the direct face to face interactions between participants and your booth staff. These ‘moments of truth’ are where a trade show participant really forms a connection with a business.

Luckily, maximizing results from those face to face interactions isn’t difficult to do if you remember a few key things. The following tips can make it easier to get the best results from all face to face trade show interactions.

• Be sure that you have a clearly represented your brand and have a defined goal for the trade show. This ensures that you can keep your tone and message clear and consistent throughout all interactions.

• Blend technology, brand messaging, marketing fundamentals, and face to face interactions to create the highest level of immersion for each participant. This combination of methods helps create an experience that will stick with participants and help your exhibit stand out in their mind long after they leave.

• Get personal. Don’t just throw a free keychain out and expect it to be enough. Instead, talking to the attendees, getting their names, contact information, and finding out exactly what it is that they’re looking for will all impact your results.

• Identify a problem and show how you are equipped to solve it. When engaging with participants, the first step is asking questions to learn more about what it is they need. Acknowledge the problem that they’re having with their company, and then show how you and your company can help solve it for them. In doing so, you will capture their attention in a big way.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most. Addressing participants by name, engaging with them and their specific needs, and creating a more immersive experience are all significant in impacting your success. Rather than focusing on adding the latest expensive display screen to your next trade show exhibit, look deeper and pay attention to face to face interactions as well. It will make all the difference.

Our team is ready to help you create the best possible trade show experience imaginable. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to learn more.

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