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Immersion And Your Trade Show Presence

When it comes to trade show exhibit design, what comes to mind? Things like ad copy, videos, or freebie items with your company name on them all may pop into your head here. But in the future, the most important aspect of exhibit design is going to be immersion.

Being able to immerse your participants into your company and your belief system is integral to creating true success, and it’s something that deserves more attention from anyone planning a trade show exhibit.

There are a lot of different ways to do this, but before we get into them it’s worth understanding the basic idea behind this – creating a display that immerses participants in your business and what you offer helps them create a lasting memory and impression of you. This allows them to better understand what you’re offering, and then ensures that they won’t forget you after they leave your exhibit.

Here are a few of the best steps you can take to increase the level of immersion that your trade show display has.

• Social Media – Go beyond the architecture of the display and create a digital experience. You have plenty of options here, from special offers to contests and more. The key is integrating social media into the display before, during, and after the trade show to connect participants to you in a meaningful way.

• Games – Whether it’s a game at the exhibit, a mobile game created just for the trade show, or something else entirely, getting participants involved in games could help engage them more effectively.

• Branding – To truly immerse participants, you need to set up a display that surrounds them in your brand. Colors, slogans, products, ideals, and vision should all be present in a big way to help them remember your company and what it's all about.

• Interaction – Finally, be sure that you interact with them on a personal face to face level. This is instrumental in ensuring that they are able to connect personally and forge a bond, which also helps increase immersion significantly.

The trade show floor is filled with exhibits. To stand out, you need to create an immersive experience that goes beyond passing out keychains. We can help you design an exhibit that impresses and creates memories that turn into conversions. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to find out more about what our team of professionals could do for you, your company, and your next trade show presence.

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