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Social Media And Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows present a unique opportunity to promote your company in a major way, and whether you’re focused on appealing to customers or on a B2B trade show presence, being able to stand out and get attention is one of the primary factors of any good trade show exhibit.

While custom exhibit designs and installation is important, another thing that you’ll need to pay attention to is how you use the social media world in relation to the show. There are two things to pay attention to here – the social media side of the trade show itself, and your own social media efforts.

The Trade Show Social Media Blitz Trade shows are generally tech-savvy occasions, and it’s unlikely that there isn’t some type of press available online about the upcoming show. What you need to be able to do is tap into the interest around the trade show while also not overexposing yourself and seeming like a desperate company.

Here are some tips that can help with this:

• When you make your own posts about the trade show, be sure to tag their main social media accounts in your page.

• Find out if a hashtag exists for the trade show. If it does, use it wherever you can.

• Interact with the participants on the trade show’s page – up to a certain level. Don’t constantly engage with everyone on their page, but if you see an opportunity to talk about your company, you don’t always want to shy away from it. The exception here is if a trade show specifically requests that you don’t.

• If there is a list on the social media page for the trade show that breaks down the different members or companies arriving at the show, be sure you’re included.

In short, you want to be a part of the trade show’s social media campaign, but without bombarding it or its visitors with constant updates and messages.

Your Own Efforts You also need to be aware of your own efforts to use social media to build up interest in your exhibit. A few tips can help here as well, including the following.

• Use social media promotions to drive visitors to your booth -freebies, contests, and other similar efforts are easy to implement.

• At the exhibit, encourage them to follow you on your various social media accounts through similar promotions and more. This helps you stay connected after the trade show is over.

• Throughout the trade show, send out blasts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to help remind attendees that you’re offering something special.

The key is just to get creative and try to link up your social media accounts with your trade show presence. If you’ll do this, you should be able to drive higher numbers of participants to your exhibit. We can help you get the best presence possible and see new ways to integrate social media, so don’t hesitate to contact Lighthouse Exhibits now.

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