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Harnessing Technology For Better Trade Show Performance

Getting the most from your trade show presence is important, and if you’re hoping to create a lasting impression on participants then it will be vital that you make sure you’re using all the essential elements of a good exhibit to your benefit.

That means harnessing the power of technology and implementing it not only in your exhibit, but in the overall way that you market and attract participants to your exhibit. With that in mind, let’s look at a few great ways to employ that technology.

  • Social Media Blitzes – Let the people know that you’re at the trade show and why they need to come by. Before the show, make status updates and tweets offering special promotions and contest entries related to the show. During the show, send out blitzes to remind people that you’re there. And try to get them to follow you while they’re at your exhibit – it can help you get follow up contact info on your leads.

  • Video – Video monitors allow you to do a lot. You can play product demonstrations, advertisements, steady streams of your logo and branding materials, and more. The key is making the videos appealing enough to keep people engaged.

  • Going Beyond – If you really want to make things unique and interesting, what about using games or virtual reality to drive forward participation from exhibit participants? These extra steps can make it much easier for you to get the attention and interaction that you are striving towards.

What it all comes down to is simple – you’re trying to attract the right kind of trade show participants and engage with them. Use different tools and technologies, and you’ll be able to create a memory in their minds that will keep them coming back over and over gain. Our team can help you do just that, and offers you numerous ways to integrate technology into your exhibit. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits now to learn more.

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