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Better Branding At Trade Shows

Ask any marketing professional what the key to success is, and you’ll end up with various responses. However, one that will come up time and time again is likely to be ‘branding’. Building a brand for your company is instrumental in securing your future, and it will have a major impact on the way that your company is perceived by peers, customers, and anyone else who comes into contact with your business.

But are you building a strong brand and extending your brand identity while at trade shows? This is a question that is often overlooked and that isn’t always considered in the right way. It shouldn’t be, because your trade show presence will need to leave the right impression on those participants you interact with – as well as those who just walk by your exhibit.

So how can you go about building your brand in the right way? Here are a few tips that are worth remembering when you design your exhibit and when you arrive at the trade show.

  • Implement your brand everywhere. Good graphic design extends throughout your exhibit and needs to use your colors, logos, and overall identity in the best possible way in order to ensure that you’re branding is consistent.

  • Make sure that your exhibit embodies your ideals, values, and mission. If you’re focused on helping others or on offering lower prices for better products, it makes sense to make sure that your exhibit focuses on that. Think of what your customers will associate with your business and use that in your design and messaging.

  • Link everything as much as possible. Use your website URL in your signage and literature, include social media links where you can, direct visitors to check out your brick and mortar location, and more. You shouldn’t be remembered as ‘that cool exhibit’ and nothing more. Instead, try to hook them with your exhibit and then lead them to other aspects of your company and your brand as a whole.

In short, be sure that you implement your branding as much as possible when going through the process of designing your custom trade show exhibit. It can have a tremendous impact on your success at the show and after you leave, and is a key ingredient of any great trade show appearance. Lighthouse Exhibits can help you design and create a stunning exhibit that will extend and promote your brand while ensuring that you still get the best face to face interactions with all participants.

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