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Welcome Your Participants In A More Effective Way

Setting up a trade show display is something that any business and exhibitor needs to take seriously. After all, the effectiveness of your presentation will have a tremendous impact on your overall ability to attract participants and get them interested in what you have to offer.

There are a lot of elements involved, too. Everything from the colors you use to the free products you offer to your demonstration will all need to be perfect in order to really get the most from the process of managing a trade show exhibit. But another element that goes beyond these fundamentals might surprise you – your ability to welcome participants.

Your goal should be to welcome attendees who approach your exhibit with a feeling of comfort and energy. You want them to feel welcome as well as curious about what you are offering them, then help them grow excited along the way. The effectiveness of how you welcome them to your exhibit is very important. Luckily, a few simple tips can help.

  • Be sure not to be pushy. Nobody wants to feel like they’re pressured into entering your exhibit space. You don’t want to give off a ‘used car salesman’ vibe here. Instead, you should attract them through your exhibit design and what you have to offer – not high pressure techniques.

  • Also be sure that you are genuinely excited about them. Trade show exhibitors who barely grunt in greeting each of their attendees aren’t really creating welcoming vibes for participants.

  • Set up your exhibit in a way that is familiar, yet exciting. Include elements that can be recognized, but then add your own flash to it. This helps capture attention and then lets visitors experience what you have to offer.

  • Invite them through social media or technology. Video displays in your exhibit are great, but so are Tweets or Facebook posts using the trade show’s hashtag. You’d be surprised at how many people will find you this way.

In short, you’re trying to welcome your trade show visitors to your exhibit and show them everything that you have to offer. If you’re serious about this, take a closer look at how your exhibit is designed and then consider the way that you interact with participants as they arrive or approach it.

If you’ll keep these basic tips in mind you should be able to develop a trade show presence that will help you reach your goals. Our team can help. For great exhibit design, don’t hesitate to contact Lighthouse Exhibit today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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